New Roadway Our Vision: Leading the way in safety, quality, innovation, efficiency. Dirt Work Our Mission: Strong Teams. Successful Projects. New Bridge Our Core Purpose: Working together to improve ourselves, our industry, and our communities. Twin Bridges Core Value: Fair and Ethical Success.
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Principle 1.  We will generate exceptional value for our customers through the relentless elimination of waste throughout our construction operations.

Principle 2.  We will collectively plan for and create high quality daily work assignments and ensure a safe, delay free work environment for all our crews.

Principle 3.  Construction of our projects will be reliable and predictable by creating continuous, balanced and controlled production flow known as Daily Crew Production Flow.

Principle 4.  We will get quality right the first time by building it into our operational plans and empowering our employees to stop or slow down production to quickly correct any defects that surface.

Principle 5.  We will ensure continuous improvement and continual learning by striving to standardize our operations and systems and relentlessly examining them for further improvements.

Principle 6.  We will give our craftsmen a voice and a sense of ownership by actively soliciting input and feedback from them and their Field Managers as their work is planned and performed.

Principle 8.  We will respect our extended network of subcontractors and suppliers by challenging them and helping them improve.

Principle 9.  We will grow leaders who thoroughly understand our work, exemplify our Core Value and Guiding Principles and teach both to others.

Principle 10.  We will solve problems and improve processes by going to the source to personally observe and thoroughly understand the situation before aligning to and implementing counter measures designed to solve the problems at their root cause.