I-10 at US 165 Overpass, Iowa, LA

Jefferson Davis Parish
Located on I-10 near Iowa, LA at the US 165 interchange, this project consists of the construction of two new bridges on I-10 over US 165.  The scope of work includes the construction of a new widened roadway on each end of both bridges, and reconstruction of the ramps and frontage roads. 

To minimize traffic delays and the inconvenience to the traveling public on existing I-10, the bridges will be constructed in 50% intervals. The bridge work will consist of removal of existing bridges, drilled shafts, columns, caps, LG-54 & LG -63 girders, concrete decks, concrete bridge rail & concrete approach slabs. The roadway portion of the project will include clearing & grubbing, temporary sheet piles, earthwork, retaining wall, drainage structures, treated subgrade, class II soil cement, class II stone, asphalt concrete pavement and median barriers.