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Oper-Motor Grader/Blade

Work Scope:
The GCC Motor Grader Operator WS1 safely operates construction equipment (grader unit) to place, spread and level dirt, gravel, stone, and other construction material to grade specifications in construction and maintenance of earthwork structures (highways, streets, and temporary roads)
  • Drives grader and moves levers to regulate height and angle of grader blade; lowers scarifier that loosens packed soil to permit grading; and tilts front wheels of grader when making sharp turns

  • Safely drives grader in successive passes over working area, observing reference stakes or hand signals of assisting worker, to level surface to specified grade

  • Feels lever and listens to sound of engine to determine depth of cut

  • May perform fine or rough grading

  • May operate tractor drawn grader to cut and smooth subgrade on street and highway paving projects. Meets and/or exceeds project safety, quality, efficiency, and profit goals for work activities

  • Works with field manager/team lead to ensure GCC has strong crew/teams and promotes and champions the company's vision to be the Leader in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

  • Leads by example, always professional and aligned to the company's values of Fair and Ethical Success. Has a basic understanding of plan finish sections including line, grade, and slope

  • Operator certification from Caterpillar preferred

  • Is an approved company driver, and willing to move from project to project on an as-needed basis. The GCC Operator WS1 will be a student and a teacher

  • Seeks knowledge, with a culture of continual learning, though all available resources, including industry and professional associations

  • Serves as a mentor and a coach to other team members. Safely works on assignments that are routine in nature where limited judgement is required

  • Normally receives detailed instructions on all work.

Work Environment: Outdoor

Physical Requirements:
Stand or walk for long periods; use arms and hands to reach for, handle and manipulate objects; lift and carry materials weighing 50 to 100 lbs.; climb up and down, carrying tools and equipment; stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl, and see (naturally or with correction). Ability to work in extreme weather conditions (heat and cold). See attached Physical Requirements Inventory.

Education Guidelines: HS Diploma or Equivalent preferred.
Experience Guidelines: Entry level experience.
Knowledge Guidelines: Basic reading, writing, addition and subtraction skills. Approved drivers must possess a current, valid US Class E Driver's License. Has a basic knowledge of GPS equippment.

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