GCC Participates in first U.S. Safety Week 2014

Good morning,

As all of you know, GCC participated in the first U.S. Safety Week, which ran from Sunday, May 4 to Saturday, May 10. Construction companies all across our nation joined forces with a single aim: to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety. At GCC, we are pleased to report that we celebrated safety week by
1) Experiencing no incidents or accidents on our job sites
2) Communicating the positive safety trends with our crews and teams
3) Conducting hard hat safety toolbox talks, and
4) Celebrating!

The safety team and I visited GCC job sites and locations, serving either breakfast, lunch, or dinner to our crews, depending upon the time of the day. We took the time to thank each and every team member for their great work and commitment to a safe workplace.

The chart below indicates we visited 9 sites, meeting with 210 employees:

Table 1: Safety Week 2014 Job Site Visits

We also conducted hard hat assessments to ensure our PPE was in good shape, not expired, and sufficient to protect our valuable assets. It was fun as well as educational.

Table 2: Hard Hat Safety Assessments/Overall Results

Table 3: Hard Hat Safety Assessments/Results by Location

And finally, we captured the moments...

Picture 1: Job 1186 Harrisonburg: Kent Burnaman, Carl Clark, and Daymond Brister

Picture 2: Job 1182 North Louisiana: Billy Harris and Jimmy Lachney's team

Picture 3: Job 1185 Sale Road Bridge: Davis Bordelon, Josh Bordelon, and Team

Picture 4: Job 1179 Kaplan: Dirk Fontenot and Crew

Picture 5: Matt Armand's crew on 1170 in Jeanerette

Picture 6: Kelly Knight and crew on 1170 in Jeanerette

Picture 7: Farron Gourdon's crew on 1170 in Jeanerette

Picture 8: Saw and Seal Crew 1170 in Jeanerette: Leroy, Wilmon, and Charity

Picture 9: Job 1170 Jeanerette: Ronnie Ardoin and Matt Castille

Picture 10: Walker Plant and BR-based Teams

Picture 11: Job 1187 Marksville Team

Picture 12: Transportation, Equipment, and Alexandria Asphalt Teams

Picture 13: Job 1192 Simpson

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported Safety Week 2014!

Please keep the focus.
- Val