Work Keys at GCC

Gilchrist Construction Company committed to use Work Keys Assessment and National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) certifications for our workplace selection process in midyear 2011. Considering the significant investment we make in internal training programs, a major objective was to ensure we staffed a workforce with the ability to learn. Other goals were reduction of turnover; build a skilled workforce; maximize training dollars; increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce risks and safety costs.

GCC used the database of 19,000 national jobs previously mapped by Work Keys which includes the following assessments: reading for information; locating information and applied mathematics. Due to occasional challenges in locating a center outside of the Central Louisiana region to conduct assessments and the available times for candidates, in May of 2012, we applied for and obtained our license to administer Work Keys.

Our staff completed training and shadowed the administration of testing with our partners at the Rapides Business and Career Solutions Center. In the fourth quarter of 2012, we implemented the addition of the Soft Skills Assessment for external hires. The assessment measures fit, performance, and talent; providing the employer with an indication of the employability skills of a potential employee.

Of the employees we hired, NCRC certificates are represented in the chart below. We are very proud that nearly 60% of our new hires since October of 2011 hold silver certificates!
We have also been assessing our current workforce.

Congratulations to the following employees for earning an NCRC certificate!
  • Roy Chartion
  • Terry Durall
  • Roger Guillot
  • Chris Hobbs
  • James Jones
  • Albert Lewis
  • Robert Mayeaux
  • Garin Mayeux
  • Jeff Smith
  • Danny Trudell